About Rick Knoll


I'm a right brain person working in a left brain world (i.e., I studied Engineering and Finance at the University of Illinois, but am obsessed with the pursuit of "the perfect shot".) I am fortunate to have combined my passion for digital media with my financial consulting practice (primarily in the areas of Oil & Gas and Manufacturing) through numerous industrial photography assignments. My typical day is client-filled and action packed, but my "free time" is normally spent taking pictures and spending time with my wife and two teenage sons.

The bulk of my professional work focuses on industrial landscapes, although in my free time I enjoy pursuing my interests in High Dynamic Range Imagery, Composites, Aerial Media, and Landscape Photography. Although I tend to prefer still photography, I secretly revel in the occasional video assignment I accept.  While very time consuming at a "free time starved" portion of my life, the creative outlet of a 10-minute vignette always sucks me in (e.g., my son's year-end football video from the 2012 Wheaton Rams Superbowl Season.)

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