About Rick Knoll


I'm a right brain person working in a left brain world (i.e., I studied Engineering and Finance at the University of Illinois, but am obsessed with the pursuit of "the perfect shot".) I am fortunate to have combined my passion for digital media with my financial consulting practice (primarily in the areas of Oil & Gas and Manufacturing) through numerous industrial photography assignments. My typical day is client-filled and action packed, but my "free time" is normally spent taking pictures and spending time with my wife and two twenty-something sons.

The bulk of my professional work focuses on industrial landscapes, although in my free time I enjoy pursuing my interests in High Dynamic Range Imagery, Composites, Aerial Media, and Landscape Photography. Although I tend to prefer still photography, I secretly revel in the occasional video assignment I accept.  While very time consuming at a "free time starved" portion of my life, the creative outlet of a 10-minute vignette always sucks me in (e.g., my son's year-end football video from the 2012 Wheaton Rams Superbowl Season.)

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